We provide Shipping Container Homes in San Antonio, TX.

Shipping containers make the perfect home or office

GoHomeHere.com offers complete container home solutions from acquisition to fabrication and delivery. We are a full service shipping container build out company.

  • Basic Container Homes
  • Modern Container Homes
  • Luxury Container Homes
  • Container Offices
  • Container Food Trucks
  • Pop Up Container Restaurant
  • AirBnB Installations


Raw Shipping Containers

We source Grade A Shipping Containers for the modular homes and offices that we prefabricate and deliver to San Antonio Texas. We offer our raw shipping containers for sale while delivery is extra. Prices:
Grade A: $2,200 – $3,500 (Delivery within Bexar County averages $500)
Bulk discounts available.

Prefabbed Shipping Containers

If you have a home construction project or addition and want to use shipping containers. We can provide you with prefabrication, delivery and installation leaving the interior and/or exterior build out, entirely up to your DIY shipping container home of your dreams.  We will make all the cuts to your specifications for doors and windows and provide delivery and installation.

Custom Container Office

Our custom shipping container office is designed by our architect and prefabbed in our factories. delivered, installed and finished out on site.

The custom shipping container office is the perfect private office with bathroom and standing shower. Room for full desk, sofa, tv. A kitchen could easily be added. The back wall is painted green screen paint for live stream hosting for the modern office worker.

Container Homes for Sale

We offer a wide variety of options to better cater to your needs. Depending on your goals and budget we can create custom solutions or provide prefabricated (shipping container) modular homes.

Shipping Container Kit Home

New container kit model Coming Soon
Shipping Container Home Kit Specifications

  • 3 x 40 Foot Tall Box Containers
  • Prefabricated
  • Includes Electrical
  • Includes Plumbing
  • Includes Insulation
  • 960 sq ft

    Container Kit Home AR Demo

You can view the shipping container kit home in augmented reality on our facebook page.

Facebook Camera Effect:
(works on facebook phone app)


Video of how to view the shipping container model home

Custom Shipping Container Homes

We have a team of professionals to make your goals a reality. From specialized architects to high-end interior designers and general contractors. We can scale to your needs from affordable housing to luxury dream home.

Example Floor Plans of Basic Container Homes

Model A

Model B

Model C



Our Consulting Office is located in downtown San Antonio.
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